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Descriptions marked with an Image iconimage icon link to a web page, snapshot or rollover of the effect.
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3-D BW Action , George Rosema, 11/25/2004 3d bw example
3-D Color Action
3-D From One Picture 3-D from one picture

Create 3-D images. The PDF contains instructions and a link to George's website for free glasses and other examples. PDF file with instructions and external link The new 3-D from one picture action allows you to reverse engineer a 2-D image to make 3-D (just as "Alice in Wonderland" was done. If the pic don't look quite right just hit Edit-Step Back to undo the layer, grab the Move Tool and line up the center subject in the picture so the is no red showing.

A2D Infrared, Addicted to Design, 2/11/2007 Infrared shot example

Creates a copy of the open image, then applies a steps that produce an approximation of an infrared shot.  Examples on the Addicted to Design website.

A2D Lomo, Addicted to Design, 2/11/2007 Lomo Example

Mimics the effect of the Russian Lomographic camera, stylized with image drop-off at the edges.  Alex of Addicted to Design provides other examples on his website.

Airbrush, Shannon Beauford, 6/20/2008 Airbrush example

A portrait action that allows the user to remove blemishes without losing skin texture.

Airbrushing Action set, Ronald Clercx, 6/5/2004 Airbrush Action Example

An action set that helps automate airbrush effects. These are not one-click run-stop actions, but guide an iterative process. Airbrushing action instructions

Alabaster Portrait, Feivel, 12/13/2003 Alabaster portrait example

Feivel's venerable portrait action creates a high tone image with a distinctive, romantic look.

Aly's Color, Alyson Comacho, 6/12/2006 Aly's Color Example

Simple, straightforward action that gives a very mild color boost. Alyson Comacho tells us, "I use it routinely on most of my color images and don't do anything else to it after that."

Aly's Vintage, Alyson Comacho, 5/7/2006 Aly's Vintage example

A set of six actions that apply various "vintage photo" effects to digital images.

AutoColor, Shane Metler, 1/6/2004 Autocolor example

Improvement of Photoshop's auto color adjustment that separates light, dark, and mid-range tones and applies individual color correction. Best on undersaturated natures and scenics.

Bloom Effect, Shannon Beauford, 6/21/2008

Causes highlights to bloom. Works best with landscapes, providing greater contrast.

Bruce's HighKey Action, Bruce Neville, 2/27/2006

Creates a sketchlike effect by dropping out colors and emphasizing hightones. Discussion on dpreview

Burke Line Drawing Resize, Burke/Jim Lewis, 1/28/2005

Resizes low rez line drawings, such as gif files, with little loss of quality. Works well on scanned line art.

Canon Soft Recovery, Andrea Walter, 4/12/2009

Andrea's action is specifically designed for Canon digital cameras to increase saturation and contrast, recover shadows, and maintain the details. Andrea designed this to give a "Nikon-like" look.

Caponigro Adjustments, v.2.0 Jim Lewis, 3/19/2006

Based on selective dodging and burning technique outlined by John Paul Caponigro in the January/February, 2006 issue of Digital Photo Pro. Subtle and Intense versions. Adjust layer opacity at end.

Carnival Action, Michelle Nicole, 6/03,2009

Designed to give a vintage look and feel to your outdoor photos. Requires 8-bit mode. Adjust opacity of the "carnival" layer as needed. Effect can range from slightly warm (10-20%) to classic faded Kodachrome (100%).

Cartoon Action, Maureen Barberio and Sharon Lee Core, 9/26//2004

Turns a photo into a cartoon or comic.

Color Boost, Shannon Beauford, 10/27/2007

One-click action to boost color saturation in your image.

Comic Effect Action, A90Six, 7/28/2007

This comic effect for his son works in CS2+ and must be used on an 8-bit image.

Dave Beaman's Ethereal Glow, Dave Beaman, 3/27/2004

A one-step action that creates a glow effect in either b/w or color.

Dave's IR Actions, Dave Jaseck, updated 3/21/2006

An updated version of one of first actions contributed to Action Central. Fakes an IR look and optionally color by reducing layer opacity. Your image must be in 8-bit mode.

Dave's Simplifier v.2, Dave Jaseck, 5/8/2004

Provides a painted effect by eliminating unimportant color detail. Unlike posterization, the histogram shows a lot of detail.

DK Color Vibrance, Daniel Kvarfordt, 5/4/2008

Creates a saturation layer with a mask that targets the low saturated parts of the image, an effect similar to the vibrance option in ACR. Info on Daniel's website.

Draganizer, Sharon Lee Core, 11/15/2004

Creates the Dragan effect. Other examples at Sharon's link

Dynamic Mask, Shannon Beauford, 2/12/2009

Increases the dynamic range of an image and adds color contrast. Groups all  adjustment layers, adds a mask and leaves original background image untouched.  If color contrast is too intense, change layer 2 from overlay to soft light.

Edgarian Blur, Howard Owen, 5/3/2004

Attractive blur action for portraits, named it for the man who described the technique, Albert Edgar, PhD. Instructions in the action.

Editorial/Lomo, Shannon Beauford, 10/14/2007

Set of two actions. Editorial creates the look of a fashion editorial. Lomo creates the look of lomography through cross processing.

Ethereal Effect, Juan García Gálvez, 8/10/2006

Provides selective blurring of the highlights, which softens facial tones. Adjust opacity and paint out the effect on the layer mask in black. JGG website.

Flawless Portrait, Shannon Beauford, 10/14/2007

Removes skin imperfections without blurring hair or eyes. Action includes step-by-step instructions. I recommend practicing to get the mask right. The effect can be quite subtle.

Fog Action, Jim Lewis, 7/16/2012

Adds fog to an image, allowing you to paint in the effect and slightly blur the background. Self-explanatory, but instructions provide useful tips.

FX Pastel Transitions, Creative Drawer, 4/24/2009

Beautiful, soft, effect with twenty pastel color variations (twenty actions) for PS7 through CS4, English only. Easy to run with no stops or dialog boxes. Effect can be applied with the gradient right to left or left to right.  PDF includes color swatches and instructions for making adjustments.

Glamor Blur, Edgard Berendsen, 4/16/2005

Blurs skin tone but, by finding edges, keeps details in place. Can also be applied to an inverted selection or painted out on the mask. 

Gothic Glow, Feivel, 12/6/2003

Gives a glowing and feathering effect to an image. Can be applied to the entire image or a section, depending n which version of the action you select.

Hasselblad Softar #2 Filter Effect, Dave Jaseck, 11/7/2008 Before and after illustration

Allows selective softening of skin and provides a slight glow around highlights.

Haze Cutter. v.2, Jim Lewis, 4/10/2009 Hazecutter image

Uses a method described by Tim Grey to selectively reduce haze in images, with enhancements by JJ McAssey. Action is self-guiding.

JGG Sunset Optimizer, José Fàbreba & Juan García Gálvez, 8/22/2008

Brings warmth and vitality to color landscapes through LAB adjustment. Run twice to intensify effect.  JGG Website examples

Kent's Quick Retouch Batch Processor, Kent Christiansen, 10/2//2005

Quick batch processing of multiple images that gives images a quick 'snapshot' adjustment. Great teaching tool for batch processing. Archive contains the action, instructions, and an image showing batch dialogue settings.

Kent's Skin Fix v.1, Kent Christiansen, 10/20/2004 Kent's Skin Fix example image

A set of actions for smoothing skin. Complete instructions. Kent's Skin Fix Instruction pdf

LAB Saturation Actions, Alessandro Di Sciascio, 9/24/2006 LAB Saturation image

First action boosts saturation of all colors through a LAB boost, the other does the same, but protects skin colors by isolating them. Adjust opacity from default 60% to heighten or reduce effect. 

Local Contrast, thejaybird, 11/18/2007 Local Contract example

Enhances local contrast through the "local auto levels" technique uniformly throughout the image. Instructions for b/w and color. PS6+.

Luminosity Masks, Howard Owen, 9/29/2012

A luminosity mask is a grayscale version of the active layer that has been loaded as a selection.  It selects highlights in the image with feathered edges, and is useful for adjusting contrast and manually blending different exposures. Howard Owen's action, based on work by Hougaard Malan and Tony Kuyper, creates 9 alpha channels based on the current active layer in Photoshop.

Midnight Action Set, v.3, Dave Jaseck, updated, 6/21/2008 Midnight Action example

V 3 of popular  "midnight" actions—Midnight Blue, Sepia and Black. Adjust color tone be placing action stop at the color balance step.

Midnight Black v2, Dave Jaseck, 11/5/2005 Midnight Black example image

Alternative version of Dave's Midnight Sepia action, but without the sepia tone. 

Midnight Sepia v2, Dave Jaseck, 2/22/2005 Midnight Sepia example image

Updated version of Dave's favorite, Midnight Sepia.

Morning Mist, Shannon Beauford, 6/21/2008 Morning Mist example

Creates a photorealistic mist over lakes or landscapes.

Muted Fashion, Shannon Beauford, 10/27/2007 Muted Fashion image example

Uses in Shannon's fashion work to turn down color intensity. Imparts a mild siena tone to images, even working with  landscapes.

Orton Effect, Jim Lewis (with Danny Raphael, Dave Jaseck, from a technique by Chris Empey, 6/21/2008 Orton effect example image

Two actions sprung from a technique outlined by Chris Empey for the Orton effect, which originally involved sandwiching two overexposed images, one of which was out of focus. PCIN blog on Orton effect

Photorealistic Clouds, Shannon Beauford, 6/21/2008 Clouds example image

Creates a 6MP image of clouds over a gradient blue sky from scratch. Use on a layer and create a layer mask to paint it in over an image where the sky has been burned out or for other uses.

Photoshop Facelift, Shannon Beauford, 12/26/08 Photoshop Facelift example image

Action set consisting of six actions designed to take years off a subject's face.

Platinotype, Steven Almas, 5/7/2006 Palinotype example imagePlaninitype 2 example

Mimics a platinotype look in two versions. Version 1 has slightly more green in the toning, Version 2 slightly more yellow.

Portrait Effect, Paul Bleicher, 4/26/2004 Portrait effect image

Desaturates a portrait and gives you control over degree of saturation, contrast, background blur and soft focus.

Portrait Pop, Shannon Beauford, 9/28/08 Portrait Pop example

Brings out features in a portrait you want to pop, such as eyes, hair, lips, etc.

Professional Retro, Michael Van De Carr, 2/16/2007 Professional Retro image example

Produces a 60's-70's retro style effect. Can also be used for earlier vintage looks. DO NOT apply sharpening after running this action as it uses both Unsharp mask and a High Pass sharpening effect to achieve its result.

Rich Color Landscapes, Shannon Beauford, 9/10/2006 Rich Color Landscapes example image

Simple, one-click action that makes your landscapes pop by bringing out the rich colors. Adjust opacity to tune saturation.

Ronny's Dual Method SkinFix, Ronny Harris, 5/23/2008 Dual Method Image example

Utilizes two methods of skin fix, Degrunging and Surface Blur with darken and lighten modes. CS 2+ Dual method skin fix instructions

Simple Color Pop, Anna Bottoms, 10/18/2007 Simple Color Pop example image

Provides a soft light layer to give portraits a slight color pop. Adjust the layer opacity to fine tune the results.

CSpringer's Portrait Actions, Chip Springer, updated 4/1/2008 Portrait Actions example

Latest versions of all Chip's portrait retouching actions in one set to serve as a workflow for retouching images of people.

CSpringer's Skin Repair Action, Chip Springer, 5/30/2007 Skin repair action example

Will fix skin problems while retaining texture. Also adds additional Healing Tool and Texturizing layers for further tweaking. (Not tested on version prior to CS3.)

CSpringer's Wrinkle and Blemish Repair, Chip Springer, 1/06/2008 (requires Polaroid's Dust & Scratch Remover) Wrinkle Blemish example image

Similar to the second part of Chip's Skin Repair . Fixes wrinkles and blemishes, but is not a substitute for the Skin Repair Action.Wrinkle & Blemish repair instructions 

Soft Focus Action, v.2, Daniel Chui, 8/7/2004 Soft focus example rollover

A set that provides small and large photo versions for each of several effects—color, monochrome, and cross-toned images. A quick, easy approach to light portrait retouching. Discussion on dpreview

Soft Light Portrait, Shannon Beauford, 9/11/2006 Soft light portrait example image

Simple, one-click action deepens color of portraits without over-saturating skin tones. Layers are left unflattened for adjustments to suit personal tastes. Tears, Shannon Beauford, 10/14/2007

Star Filter, Shannon Beauford, 9/11/2006   Star Filter

The star filter action emulates a traditional photographic star filter.

Tears, Shannon Beauford, 10/14/2007  Tears example image

This takes a bit of practice to get right, but it's a lot simpler than feeding your model onions ... and will make the model more willing to work with you in the future. (Follow the steps included in the action.)

Tracy's Fill Flash Action, Tracy McGee, 3/28/2007 Fill flash example image

Designed to lighten faces and other elements without blowing out backgrounds. On images smaller than 300dpi images, use a smaller, softer brush when prompted. 

Urban Acid, Steven Almas, 7/9/2005 Urban acid example

Mimics glamor and fashion cross-processing technique b skewing and saturating colors, while dramatically increasing contrast. Aggressive curves adjustment layer is user adjustable. Change opacity of black layer to desaturate colors.

Velvia Portrait, Shannon Beauford, 6/23/2008 Velvia portrait example image

 A Velvia-like effect for portraiture that doesn't oversaturate skin tones .

Velvia-Provia v. 2, Velvia-Provia for Elements, Paul Bleicher, 4/25/2004 Velvia-Provia example image

Reproduce the selective color, contrast, and saturation boost of Velvia film and the shadow detail of Provia film. Adjustable effects done on a copy of the original photo. Use as the last step in your process, before resizing and sharpening.

Whiten, Shannon Beauford, 10/17/2007 Whiten example image

A simple action to whiten teeth and eyes.

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