Black and White Conversion Actions

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1Click NewBW, 1-Click Actions, 3/30/2008 Action image example

Set contains four b/w conversion actions. Versions for PS7 and CS+. Archive contains pdf instructions.

Aly's BW, Alyson Comacho, 7/17/2006 Action image example

Straightforward b/w conversion action with red channel emphasis. Try this simple action first and use another approach if you don’t get good results.

B's SplitTone 2, Bärbel Wilm, 3/27/08 Action image example

Straightforward approach to b/w conversion with a split-toned image. Layers post-action tweaks. Archive contains separate folders for PSE 5 &  6, and PS 7+.

B's Vanilla II, Bärbel Wilm, 3/27/08 Action image example

B/W conversion action creates layers to allow adjustment, particularly contrast. Archive contains separate folders for PSE 5 &  6, and PS 7+.

Blanco y Negro, Juan García Gálvez, 11/16/2006 Action image example

Uses channel mixer to approximate the renditions of fifteen b/w film stocks. Separate actions for each stock plus five more controlling refinements such as contrast. JGG website

Brian James's Black and White, Brian James, 1/22/2006 Action image example

Creates b/w layers composed of every available channel. Click off those you don't want and paint in effect on layer masks. Can also move layers and change layer opacity.

Color to BW, Danny Raphael, 7/16/2006 Action image example

Collection of four actions, three of which convert color images to b/w, and one of which aids monitor calibration. Readme steps explains process. PDF Tutorial link

Danny's Black and White Actions v.5, Danny Raphael, 5/4/2005 Action image example

Set of  b/w actions that convert color to grayscale. One creates 11 monochrome versions from which to choose. Readme step provides overview.

Daniel Diaz B&W Action, Matthew Greer, 1/21/2007 Action image example

Action version of b/w conversion process developed by Daniel Diaz. Included stops allow adjustments. Post-action adjustments by tweaking layers. See Matthew's tutorial. Matthew's tutorial on website

Duotone Dreams, Dave Jaseck, 7/22/2004 Action image example

Simple action creates duotone. Works best on a 4-6 MB file or a 5x7 240 ppi image. Select any Pantone color or opt for the default.

Dramatic Desaturation II, Jim Lewis, 7/15/2012

A revised version of this action, providing more control. It creates a desaturated image, but one with great drama, since you independently adjust a black and white layer which is blended with the color image. 

Gorman B&W Action, Robin Holden, Sr., 12/10/2005 Action image example

Adaptation of Greg Gorman b/w conversion action. Archive includes text file. See Greg's website tutorial. Link to Greg Gorman website

JGG Web High Key, Juan García Gálvez, 11/26/2006 Action image example

Simple action that produces a high key image. Steps are on layers to allow post-action adjustments. JGG website examples

Jodi's Take Action on Cancer Awareness (B/W w/ribbon overlays, Jodi Friedman, 9/26/2007) Action image example

Converts your image to b/w, allows you to tweak it, and presents choice of 14 "ribbon colors" that give you toning options. A tribute to Jodi's Father in law, Bernie, who's undergoing treatment for Lymphoma. Link to Jodi's website

Julian's Black and White Conversion, Julian Hebbrecht, 3/1/2006 Action image example

B/W conversion action mimics effect of color filters on b/w film.  Creates adjustment layers to allow post-action adjustments.

Kent's B&W Selective Color 4.0, Kent Christiansen, 10/6/2006 Action image example

Allows control in making a monochrome version of a color image. Link to pdf list of actions

Selective Color v.5, AsylumXL, 4/17/2007 Action image example

Converts your image to mono, isolates one user-selected color in an image and allows intensity adjustment. Produces adjustable layers.  Archive includes readme file.

Sepiatone, Andy Purviance, 2/15//2004 Action image example

Employs a duotone approach to create a sepia tone effect.

Thomas Niemann's Tones, Danny Raphael, 12/10/2003

Developed by Danny Raphael from a description by Thomas Niemann. Modify results by selecting layers and/or adjusting opacity. See more at Thomas Niemann's site. Link to Thomas Neimann's site

TLR B&W Conversation, Glenn Mitchell, 1/3/2005 Action image example

Glenn Mitchell's b/w action set. Archive includes Readme and Action Basics PDFs. See tutorial at Glenn's website. LightsRight Studio website

TLR Sepia Tint, Glenn Mitchell, 12/28//2004 Action image example

Sepia tone effect is fast and easy and allows control results. Archive includes PDF readme file and Glenn's Action Basics tutorial.

Vintage Tint, Alls A. Ten, 5/22/2006 Action image example

Adds a vintage tint to images, making it possible to reveal or subdue original colors. Creates sepia toned image and allows you to selectively paint back color.

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