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Most recently posted actions

  1. Luminosity Masks, Howard Owen
  2. LumZone, David Dollevoet
  3. Edges Select, David Dollevoet
  4. Sky Select Action v2, David Dollevoet
  5. Sharpening for a Natural Look v2, David Dollevoet

Most downloaded actions over the past month

  1. Draganizer, Sharon Lee Core
  2. Velvia Portrait, Shannon Beauford
  3. Canon Soft Recovery, Andrea Walter
  4. Carnival Action, Michelle Nicole
  5. Bruce's HighKey Action, Bruce Neville

We now have over 200 free actions. All were developed by users who generously exchange their handiwork. We welcome all submissions via email.

Topaz Labs is offering a 50% discount on its DETAIL plug-in through April 30. Detail allows you to produce images that "pop" without unwanted halos and artifacts by providing individual adjustments of small, medium, and large detail.  To get this half price offer, go to the special Topaz Detail link and enter the code "aprdetail" at checkout.

OnOne Software has just released Perfect Photo Suite 8. It is both a plug-in and a standalone photo editor and has been through extensive beta testing. It boasts eight integrated modules – Effects, Enhance, B&W, Portrait, Mask, Layers, Resize, and Browse — each targeting a specific image-processing task. Its stand- alone versions, which can be called from Lightroom or Aperture, provides users with a layered workflow. It is fast, intuitive, and full-featured. The Perfect Eraser provides content-aware fill technology, and the Perfect Batch processing utility allows the user to apply an effect to multiple images at once. It is a big leap forward for this set of tools. Use the code "atncentral" to earn a 15% discount.)

Discounts and Special Deals

Topaz Labs offers a 15% discount when you use the discount code "atncentral".

OnOne Software offers a 15% discount when you use the discount code "atncentral".

HDRSoft, developers of the popular Photomatix Pro and Photomatix Essentials HDR imaging software, offers a 15% discount when you use the discount code "AtnCentral".

Feedback and Action Submission

I welcome feedback or submissions via email.  If submitting actions or presets, please send the file, a brief description, and, if possible, before and after examples. This site began as an outgrowth of discussions on dpreview in which participants were emailing actions to each other. Nine years later, I remain ready to share your great creations with other users.

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